16th July 2015

Badley Ashton sponsor BSRG Ichnofabric Workshop

Badley Ashton, in partnership with the British Sedimentological Research Group and Repsol are pleased to sponsor the BSRG's Ichnofabrics Workshop. This two day workshop will be held at the University of Manchester on the 11th and 12th of September 2015, and will be led by Jean Gerard, a deepwater clastic advisor for Repsol and Ichnofabric specialist. The workshop is specifically aimed at postgraduate students, and is designed to introduce the techniques of ichnology as well as its value and application via a series of case studies. The first day will involve a theory session on recognizing and classifying ichnofacies in core and in the field with case studies, and then the second day will make use of cores from the British Geological Survey to identify the trace fossils in core and using this to understand how the ichnofacies are related to different depositional environments. The full programme is given below.

• To provide basic concepts on trace fossils and ichnofabrics (IF). Bioturbated sediments can be valued by IF studies compensating for the lack of preserved sedimentary structures (having been destroyed by biogenic activity)
• To show the value of the technic in sedimentological studies. Numerous case studies will be presented

 Day 1: lectures and posters
• The trace fossils classically recognized in core and in the field.
• Their grouping in recurring trace fossil associations or IF(s) along an ideal depositional profile).
• Case studies

Day 2: core workshop
• Identification of the trace fossils on core.
• Grouping into recurring IF.
• Identification of the depositional profile and related genetic sequence.

The course is limited to 20 spaces, and demand is expected to be high, so please book now to avoid disappointment. The organisers will prioritise the first 15 Postgraduate Students who wish to attend and following this it will be opened to Post Docs and Undergraduates. Please click here to view the course flier which contains further information, including how to book.


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