Well and Map Digitisation

Need to work with old maps or logs that only exist on paper? We can convert them to electronic files so they can be used with new data.

Well log digitisation

Using the latest optical scanning hardware and advanced geographics processes, Badley Ashton can duplicate any paper-based well log documents or convert them into electronic files ready for integration with new data.

Well data digitisation

Badley Ashton can take your electronic or hard copy Well log and create digital vector curve data, ready for use in a variety of geomodelling or logging software. This data can include, but is not limited to: grain size profile, hydrocarbon staining, cements or any wireline log curve. Outputs can be tailored to your requirements; Excel, CSV or LAS formats, for example. The data can also be interpreted by our geological staff and integrated into new studies.

Map Digitisation

Using our advanced ArcGIS suite, Badley Ashton can digitise any map document. Features that can be digitised include Well locations, faults, contours, facies and seismic maps. Output formats can range from the simple such as PDF or TIF, through to Geodatabase or Shape files, depending on your needs.

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